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We were founded on self-study and we believe with a proper plan, with proper pacing and resources, and how to utilize them with a community you can certainly succeed on your own, especially with a community to support.


We find most students struggle to get started, find the right resources, utilize their time effectively, and study in the right way. We take care of creating a realistic plan with a realistic test date to achieve your goals, with realistic study habits and resources you can actually complete as possible with material recommendations, test day recommendations, and guidance/support. Prep courses were not providing this, and tutors aren’t either. They were selling patches of things - the same generic advice -  not a comprehensive day-by-day start to finish plan on how to do things, what to use, and giving tools/resources/community to succeed. They are not building independence and independent study habits and WHY/HOW - rather than small pieces of information.


We have worked with students who have spent $1000-->10,000 on courses and tutoring who don’t have basic study habits or our documentation/tracking sheets/call address or have unrealistic expectations that our scheduling/planning service addresses or are using the wrong resources which our scheduling/planning service addresses too. We have been doing this for years and have built many resources ourselves and we understand what a typical student can handle and all the resources out there and who/what they are for - not just an understanding of how we studied.



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Raj is the founder of MCATBROS and was founded as a second-year medical student after volunteering thousands of hours as a moderator, leader, creator, and driving force behind some of the largest online communities. Raj felt that excellent products and services could be free or significantly cheaper from the very start and worked tirelessly to LOWER the cost, increase the personalization, and create products that help students with the resources and time that was available. Raj is the creator of the famous 300-page notes that were published UNBRANDED online and worked to shape many of the online communities today and has published information and documents used by 10s of thousands of premedical students. Raj also created the first sample —> scored AAMC conversion sheet, was the first to conceptualize putting Khan academy passages in AAMC like format, and was the driver behind creating notes on all the Khan Academy videos, Raj also was the driving force behind creating explanations for all the AAMC materials in 2016. Raj shaped the study buddy threads and many of the online communities that students take part in today. 

Since the start, Raj aimed to foster community to help each other - and have amateur/volunteer work between students create something amazing. This was all before the MCATBROS Brand was born.  With an interest in education, and seeing students struggle on online forums daily and coming to help with concerns - and with students asking for help in many forms - Raj slowly developed products and services that helped solve the needs of students and what they were seeking for free for a very long time, and in 2019 decided to offer the help more formally. 

MCATBROS was built first as a community, offering only free help and sometimes offering a personalized service for those who needed a bit more help, but the goal was always to create a network of students who helped each other first and foremost. Although now this "small help" is recognized by 1000s as the fundamental way to prepare for this test - it didn't start that way. Raj started MCATBROS after the rise of the 300-page notes and his passion to mentor and help premedical students to tackle the MCAT and make it more guided, structured, and supported for students. Today, Raj works with MCATBROS full time thinking of new things to do for the premedical community - both those who pay and don't pay and ways to make MCAT prep services and products more affordable and better for students. Raj is actively involved with the team of tutors/instructors and social media staff in creating content, working with student concerns, and answering questions for students. Although the founder, Raj identifies more as a teacher, guide, and coach with some management responsibilities. MCATBROS mission is to help students feel more supported, more confident, and more informed. We are aiming to help students not just do well on the MCAT - but to build study skills, management skills, and more before they head on to medical school so they can become more successful medical students.

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Director of Social Media & Content Creation


Alexia worked closely with the founder MCATBros, Rajat, to help revamp and organize their social media, including creating the website that you are currently browsing. She also organized and hosted live Q+A sessions and created informational posts, guides, and IGTV's for our Instagram account.


Along with this, she also utilized her experience with the MCAT and MCATBros to create a multitude of pre-med and MCAT-related resources, including free resources such as our AAMC Content Checklist and resources for MCATBros clients such as the new Practice Problem and Full-Length tracking sheets and MCATBros Study Logs. 

Alexia is an incoming medical student who used MCATBros for her MCAT prep and, with their schedule and personal guidance, was able to score in the 96th percentile! Due to her success and passion for our mission, she decided to join the team to help MCATBros improve and restructure current MCATBros services and social media, create more free resources to help reach more students and expand MCATBros.

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