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We showcase a variety of study avenues and  students who offer free advice. You can reach out to these students for mentorship (unaffiliated with MCATBROS) and learn from their live recordings/instagram pages. If you lack guidance and mentorship - our membership and prior clients and our staff spend time to improve access to free MCAT and medical school guidance through these sessions. These showcase, in addition to youtube channels and other instagram pages + podcasts and the AAMC website, the diversity of journy's students have on their path to medical school.

Many find these sessions to be inspirational, and stay followed to our instagram page @mcatbros. We aim to do one live session per week so you can ask all your questions LIVE to recently accepted students, to recently succesful MCAT test takers, and/or our staff.


If you are interested in joining us for a live Q+A session, please fill out the form below! Please include a brief message explaining...

  • Your interest in doing a Q+A session with us

  • What you believe you can share with our audience that may be unique

  • Where you attended undergraduate 

  • If you took gap years and/or attended a post-bacc (DIY or formal) or master's program 

  • Your cGPA, sGPA and GPA trend (if applicable)

  • Diagnostic MCAT score and Final MCAT Score(s) 

  • Your medical school application status and/or where you have been accepted to medical school

  • Hardships or unique circumstances faced during your pre-med journey (if applicable)

Thanks for submitting!

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