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We truly love working with students and witnessing their progress and ultimately, their successes.


Review the testimonials and reviews below to get a better idea of how students feel about our MCAT and comprehensive Pre-Med services.

"If you don't know where to begin and want to get your money's worth I HIGHLY recommend MCATBROS. From day one, I was given a schedule, resources and was brought into a community of people who were on the same boat as I am. Before attending the live sessions I was honestly just reading content passively and it was really hard to connect the dots because I couldn't see the bigger picture. But after attending those oh man. Not only did it motivate me to do more on my own, it really changed the game for me. I became more confident in answering questions and that honestly would not have been possible without their help. 100000% recommend!!!!"

—  Natali, MCATBros Comprehensive Prep Program Student


Since we began making schedules for the MCAT, we have been fortunate enough to be able to closely work with students during their pre-medical and MCAT prep journeys. In the end, what makes our job worthwhile is being able to see student success, both with their MCAT and their medical school applications.  

Although this highlights just the best, and we do have a wide array of scores that have ranged from 478 to 525 from our clients - we are there to support our students in any way academically and with planning and with their concerns.


Depending on student limitations, when they reach out, how they use our advice/services and how proactive they are about seeking help and follow up support when not improving, students improve 2 to 15 points with our program, and we have some students who improve 15-30 points as well.  


We serve as a guide, catalyst, academic support, social support and more for students and their MCAT prep - but the student carries the reaction between their starting score and end score and ultimately the medical school acceptance.


Many of our students choose to send us their results not only when they get their MCAT score back but their acceptances - we aim to post as many as possible on our page to showcase different stats/situations of real students getting in at various programs to inspire you. Here are a few student stories/journies to medical school

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