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As it aligns with our mission statement, MCATBros has and will continue to foster communities that will help students receive the services and goods they require at a fraction of the cost of conventional prep companies. 

Below you will find a few of the community services that we host!

MCATBros' Facebook Group For MCAT / STEM / Premed Tutors,  Medical School Application + Personal Statement  Services

This Facebook group consists of independent freelance tutors, editors, and medical students from our community who make their services available at an affordable cost to further our mission.  Although we do not take responsibility for the quality of work here, we do collect reviews and remove freelancers who are not a fit with our mission. We also approve posts and check for the authenticity of postings.

Most tutors charge $20-$50 an hour for their services including their prep time and offer a range of services and some freelancers on this platform work on the platform as full-time independent contractors often in the period between being accepted and starting medical school.

Here you can find a wide array of students and professionals from various backgrounds and attending various institutions who have different availabilities/strengths.

Here you can find services such as:

  •  One-on-one MCAT tutoring

  • MCAT schedule creation

  • One-on-one Personal Statement

  • Brainstorming/Feedback/Brainstorming

  • Study Guidance

  • STEM and Premed Class Tutoring

  • CARS tutoring

  • Secondary Brainstorming/Feedback/Editing

  • School List Selection

  • Application Review

  • Interview Prep 

  • CASPer Prep 

  • Premed Guidance/Course Selection

  • Secondary Essay Editing/Feedback/Brainstorming

  • Work& Activities + Most Meaningful Essay

  • Editing/Feedback/Brainstorming

Here you can find used or brand-new MCAT resources from companies such as:

  • The Berkely Review

  • Kaplan 

  • Princeton Review 

  • Next Step/Blueprint  

  • Examkrackers

You can also find used or brand-new pre-med resources such as...

  • Organic chemistry model kits

  • Personal Statment books 

  • Medical School Interview Prep books 

MCATBros' Facebook Group For Premed & Prehealth & MCAT Books For Sale [Buy/Sell/Trade/Swap]

This Facebook group consists of pre-medical students selling their used or brand-new MCAT prep resources and/or other valuable pre-med resources!

These listening include full-set content review books at a fraction of the cost of what a brand new set of books would be directly from the MCAT prep companies and without the contingency of having to enroll in a course to receive them (which some prep companies require). 

Resources listed here for sale vary from being brand-new in their original packaging to used. 

MCATBros moderates this group but does not receive any profit from sales that occur within this group. Discussions regarding pricing and shipping should take place directly with the seller of the items! 

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