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Below is a link to our MCATBros Learning Community on Discord.  We have a discord server for students who prefer an anonymous platform and to have subchats/groups about both the MCAT and premedical/medical school application process all in one place. Here you can host silent study buddy groups and discuss any topic of your choosing.

Our Discord community is very similar to our Telegram communities, but on Discord, they are simply just on one server.

If you are interested in interacting with a community of pre-medical students to discuss content, MCAT testing strategy, application tips and so much more, then click on the button below to be directed to the link to join our Discord channel.

If you feel there is a group that is not currently being represented below, please reach out to us via DM on Instagram (@mcatbros) to create that group! We aim to be as inclusive and diverse as possible and want to create spaces where students of different backgrounds and paths can connect with one another!

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