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One of our newest additions to MCATBros is our Live Instruction Sessions. Our Live Instruction Sessions are designed for students to get the opportunity to learn and address the logic and reasoning behind MCAT passages and questions, create connections to different topic areas tested on the MCAT, and be able to build on the skills necessary to excel at the MCAT.

Our Live Instruction Sessions, since they are not recorded, aim to promote accountability in our students and aim for them to treat the MCAT with the same seriousness and dedication that they would to their pre-med courses. Further, we aim to encourage active participation, with live chatting available during our sessions so students can interact with our instructors and with fellow students and get their questions answered live!

We are very hands-on here at MCATBros and look forward to meeting with our students face-to-face and be able to see you grow during your MCAT journey. 

What Type of Teachings Happen During MCATBros Live Instruction?

Passage and Question Analysis

During these type of sessions, our instructors lead the discussion regarding passages and questions from various resources, including the AAMC Materials (QPacks, Section Banks, and FL Exams).

Our instructors work through passages and passage questions to help teach students critical thinking skills necessary to do well on the MCAT, as well as review the content foundamentls required to understand the passage. 

Since our instruction is live, our instructors include students throughout the live session, asking leading questions and helping the reach correct conclusions.  

Content Teaching

Our content teaching sessions are focused on teaching students fundamental concepts needed for the MCAT.

We have been hosting content review sessions on highly tested topics such as Amino Acids, Metabolism, Fluids, RNA, and the Genetic Code, to name a few. 

Currently,  we cover all topics on the MCAT for General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Organic Chemistry, Biology and Biochemistry every 3 months!

The value of these sessions being live is that our instructors will involve students throughout these sessions with practice questions and content quizzing to ensure students are actively learning. 

Flipped Classroom Model

Retaining information long-term requires active, not passive learning. Thus, A key aspect to the design of our live sessions is to make them as active as possible for our students. Our instructors expect students to be actively participating in class such as by asking and answering questions, and/pr providing new insight.

Further, we like to utilize a flipped classroom approach. Specifically, prior to attending live sessions, students are given insight into what topics and passages will be covered, allowing them to prime themselves with the material prior to attending our sessions. This allows for students to optimize the live sessions, focusing on tackling difficult questions and concerns they have about the material.

Now Offering Over 20+ Hours of Live Teaching Each Week!

We are offering 2+ hours of live instruction every day of the week, including weekends! 

Currently, we offer courses covering passage/question analysis and content teaching for...

  • General Chemistry 

  • Organic Chemistry 

  • Physics

  • Biology 

  • Biochemistry 

  • Behavioral Sciences 

Messages Image(944279746).png
Sessions Taught by High-Scoring Instructors!

Our instructors consist of a team of individuals, many of whom are old MCATBros clients, who have the knowledge and teaching skills to help students prepare for the MCAT. Specifically, our instructors have scored a 129-132 in the section that they teach and 3 of our current instructors have scored a 521+.

We have various instructors with different approaches and strategies when it comes to teaching and tackling the MCAT. At MCATBros, we do not believe that one strategy or teaching style works for everyone - so we accommodate various styles and levels with our different instructors.


Lastly, our instructors prepare for a minimum of 3 hours for each 2 hour live instruction session. This includes preparing original presentation and teaching materials, sourcing and citing content knowledge throughout the lesson, and preparing practice questions, to name a few. Since almost all of our instructors are students who took the MCAT for their own personal reasons and succeeded, many are passionate about sharing their knowledge and tips with fellow aspiring medical students. 

Daily Office Hours!

Throughout the class students are able to ask questions for the topics at hand; however, we know throughout their prep students have further questions. During each lecture, students ask questions about their premed/medical school journey, progress, or other topics/passages/questions that gave them trouble. These office hours are typically 10-15 minutes both at the start or end of each lecture.


Currently, these live instruction sessions are exclusive to our Comprehensive Prep Program, which also includes a daily MCAT Prep schedule with detailed daily assignments and test date recommendation, one-on-one pre-med and MCAT guidance with he founder of MCATBros, 20+ hours of live teaching each week, to name a few.

To learn more about this program, click below.


However, we are offering for students interested in our Comprehensive Prep Program, specifically the live instruction aspect of this program, to attend a session for FREE!


If you are interested, review our weekly schedule posted on our Instagram and select the live instruction session you are interested in attending  and let us know via a DM on Instagram (@mcatbros)!

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