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How to Create Your Own MCAT Prep Schedule

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

  1. First, take a practice diagnostic exam. I know what you are saying already. "I am not ready", "I haven't completed my prerequisites", "I know I will do bad", "I haven't studied at all", "It's been years since my prerequisites", "I don't want to waste an exam. The truth is none of this matters. You can be on reddit, instagram, google, youtube or wherever else you get your MCAT information and you can ask every past MCAT examiner their experience - but until you sit down for yourself to see what the test is like and get a feel for both the content, style, and types of questions/passages you really don't know the exam you are studying for.

  2. Learn to study. There are active learning videos on youtube and a book called make it stick that you should consider. Since you are studying for so long - actually knowing how to study can make a big difference.

  3. Figure out the test date that is best for you once you understand your goal score and your starting score. We suggest 30 hours per one point improvement.

  4. Figure out what resources to use and when to use them and how are you structuring them. Understand which supplemental resources you are using and how.

  5. Make a day by day schedule that suits your study hours every day and how long it will take you to get through X assignment every day. Be specific with questions or chapters you are covering and give left over time for review, catch up, reinforcement

  6. Join a group chat to discuss questions/topics as you have trouble with them. We have one if you message us on instagram at MCATBros.

  7. Monitor progress by taking a free practice exam every single week or every single month followed by every single week if it's a longer term schedule. Make sure to spend 2-3 days to review

  8. Spend 1-2.5 months on AAMC materials and final reinforcement of content.

  9. Do CARS daily. 1-5 passages depending.

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